Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Baby: 28 Weeks and a Name

Dear Baby,

Things have been very busy around here as we prepare for your arrival. Your Grams has been helping me make little things here and there and the pieces are starting to come together. Your father and I are about the pickiest people ever when it comes to baby gear so we've resorted to making most of your things-even your diaper covers.

I feel more movements that seem intentional. Not lust little twitches here and there but strong rolls and punches. You stretch a lot, as the video proves, and I can't blame you. I have three more months to grow and I have no idea how my belly could possibly stretch anymore. You must be pretty cramped in there. Sorry, kid.

We've settled on a name for you and everyone calls you by it now. Emmy June. Things are always, "Emmy's room" or "When Emmy's here". We love you so much already.

So keep growing, Emmy. Keep stretching and kicking and doing what you do. But please, stop demanding take-out. We might go broke.

Friday, July 6, 2012


1. It's times like these when I call him Mic. Seriously, could he be more dreamy?

2. We went to a St. Louis Cardinals game.

3. Cats have it good, man.

4. Cats have it really good, man.

5. The Farmers' Market is a wonderful, magical place.