Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our neighborhood goes a little crazy for Halloween every year. In fact, many people drive from all over town to Trick or Treat here. Cars full of little ghosts and ghouls line the streets, tiny mummies and witches carry their buckets full of candy in one hand and tiny flashlights in the other, eagerly stopping every few steps at someone's door, proudly holding their bucket or bag out as far as their little arms can reach and exclaiming "trick or treeeat!" 

I had a few sentimental moments last night when I thought about last Halloween. We took our nephew to this neighborhood-the place where my husband grew up, the place where his parents and grandmother still live-and I dreamed of owning a home here someday. I had accepted the fact that it would take a long, long time as houses around here don't open up too frequently, but I knew it's what I wanted. To be so close to family and the elementary where a tiny version of my husband walked to school every day. And then this year, as I stood and watched that now four-year-old nephew of mine walk door to door, I looked down at my newborn, sleeping in her stroller and then over at my husband, with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face, and I felt so grateful to know that my dream had been realized. We live here. With our baby girl. Forever. 

Happy Halloween, eat lots of candy.

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